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Today, everyone is awash in information, and we have unprecedented access to data. As information becomes increasingly commoditized, it’s more important than ever to work with companies like Willow Research, who turn data into meaningful answers to your most critical questions. Our ability to cut through multivariate data ensures we get to core truths, while our skill at understanding complex problems and markets ensures we find the story in the data.

We have years of experience and a rock-solid foundation in qualitative and quantitative methods and analytics. Hard-won ideas and insights from all of our previous work make sure you get best practices and best thinking with every project.

And no matter the project, market or industry, everything we do uses methods based in fundamental scientific principles that withstand stringent scrutiny. All of our research is designed to provide accurate, actionable direction that addresses your needs and challenges.

A few of the challenges we tackle for clients:
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Retention & Growth
    Customer Retention & Growth
  • Thought Leadership
    Thought Leadership
  • Survey Evidence
    Survey Evidence
  • Jury Research
    Jury Research
  • Brand Positioning
    Brand Positioning
  • Product Development
    Product Development
  • Customer Journey
    Customer Journey
  • Communications Testing
    Communications Testing
Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are not only core to long term success, they are your best brand ambassadors.  Through custom research that quantifies customer satisfaction, measures net promoter scores (likelihood of recommending), and identifies unmet needs and drivers of satisfaction, we provide strategic direction to help you protect your core asset.

Customer Retention & Growth

Keeping existing customers and obtaining new ones is essential to a thriving brand and business.  Through in-depth research with current and prospective customers, Willow can help you understand which customers are at risk of switching and why, and what you can do to secure their business and attract new ones.

Thought Leadership

A solid thought leadership program can really distinguish you in the marketplace.  As recognized research experts, Willow designs and conducts original research to position you as an innovator and thought leader in your industry.

Survey Evidence

The Courts often rely on consumer surveys in evaluating intellectual property and false advertising disputes. As nationally recognized survey experts, Willow designs and conducts surveys and provides expert testimony in trademark infringement, false advertising, and other legal disputes. We can also help you substantiate your advertising claims.

Jury Research

Jury deliberations happen behind closed-doors.  In order to get a window into jury decision-making, trial lawyers come to Willow to conduct focus groups and mock trials to help them better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case from the jury’s perspective.  The insights from jury research inform the case storyline and help our clients present their best case at trial.

Brand Positioning

Brands need to evolve to stay relevant.  Using qualitative and quantitative techniques, Willow can help you explore how customers perceive your brand relative to the competition and identify opportunities for brand development and evolution.

Product Development

Many new products fail because companies don’t talk to their customers prior to launch. To maximize the chance of success, we help companies test and refine their new products with prospects before going to market.

Customer Journey

Whether B2B or B2C, the customer journey varies tremendously by product or service. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools, we map the journey, identifying pain points, barriers and opportunities on the path to purchase.

Communications Testing

Brands communicate with their customers in a myriad of ways. Willow can help you refine your communications strategy and messaging by testing your positioning, brand identity, advertising, promotional concepts and sales aids, among others. As recognized survey experts, Willow can also help you substantiate your advertising claims.

Methods &


With extensive training in the social sciences and statistics, Willow is versed in a range of advanced qualitative and quantitative analytic tools, including content analysis, benefit laddering, segmentation, multiple regression, factor analysis, experimental design and social network analysis, among others.

Drawing upon years of experience in custom research, Willow utilizes the full suite of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods:

  • Focus groups
  • Ethnography
  • In-depth interviews
  • Mock trials
  • Intercepts
  • Mobile surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Digital diaries
  • Dedicated online communities
  • Telephone interviews

We choose the most appropriate method for the question at hand, and all of our techniques have been field tested for their accuracy and reliability.

We turn information into insights.