Market research for a complex world.


Make a list, because Willow Research will make sure you really understand your audience, your market, or anything else you need to know to drive your strategic direction. From the way we frame the questions we ask, to the intellectual rigor we apply to analyzing the results, we’re absolutely committed to getting you the information you need to move forward with confidence.


You aren’t looking for the simple answers, or a cursory evaluation of the data. You need someone deeply rooted in proven methodologies, but flexible enough to find the unexpected insights. Someone with the curiosity to follow ever-branching ideas but committed to keeping them grounded in your objectives. That is the essence of Willow Research — that’s who we are.

There’s a reason we are a research firm – we wonder about everything. Our approach puts this to good use. We fully explore your business objectives, possible methodologies, and the data. Then we focus on the insights hiding in the data, uncovering surprises and examining each possibility, until we are sure you have meaningful answers that will get you to your goals.

As recognized research experts, our passion for problem solving has taken us far and wide, giving us valuable cross-industry experience.  We bring a commitment to finding the facts and the story to every project, delivering insights you can act on and truths that can guide you.

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