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At Willow Research, you’ll get sound, sophisticated market research to guide your decision-making. All of our research studies are designed to deliver insights you can count on and truths that can guide you.

As research experts, we’ve spent decades designing and conducting custom studies to help our clients answer their questions and reach their goals.

That is the power of truth.

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At Willow Research, we love data. In fact, it’s the core of our business.

But, in a world awash in data, it’s more important than ever to work with companies who can turn information into meaningful answers to your most critical questions.

And that’s Willow. Whatever your organization’s needs or challenges, Willow Research will make sure you really understand your audience, your market, or whatever you may need to drive your strategic direction.

Deeply rooted, endlessly seeking.

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You aren’t looking for the simple answers, or a cursory evaluation of the data. You need someone deeply rooted in proven methodologies, but flexible enough to find the unexpected insights. That is the essence of Willow—that’s who we are.

With a rock-solid foundation in qualitative and quantitative methods, Willow leadership and senior staff are hands-on for the whole process.

That’s because we have one mission—to put our expertise to work for you.

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Our passion for problem-solving has taken us far and wide, giving us valuable cross-industry experience. Adept at understanding diverse markets and tackling complex problems, we find the story in the data.

From the way we frame the questions we ask, to the intellectual rigor we apply to analyzing the results, we’re absolutely committed to getting you the information you need to move forward with confidence.

100% Women-Owned.

We believe that being women-owned gives us a unique perspective.

To learn more about our point of view, please read our blog post on women-owned businesses.

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