The Disparate Impact of Covid on Small Businesses

While some small businesses are largely back to normal, for others the pandemic is far from over.

Feeling the Heat: Businesses and Consumers Move on Climate Change

After decades of mostly talk, recent research finds that businesses and consumers are finally beginning to act on climate change.

Variants Dash Hope: Americans Believe COVID Is Here For the Long Haul

The optimism of Summer 2021 was short-lived. As we enter a new year, Americans resign themselves to life in a pandemic.

The Evolution of a Pandemic: Small Businesses Navigate Shifting Challenges from Covid-19

America’s small businesses are working their way back, but it’s been a difficult journey. Drawing on robust tracking data from the US Census Bureau, we take a look at the journey of America’s small businesses as they have navigated shifting challenges from Covid-19.

Head Above Water: Women Navigate Healthcare During a Pandemic and Beyond

Conducted in the midst of the pandemic, our latest study with PNC Healthcare examined women’s challenges and experiences navigating an often-confusing healthcare system during a period of crisis.

COVID Summer 2021: What the Data Tells Us

As we head fully into the summer, what does the data tell us about how consumers are responding to the lingering impact of COVID-19?

The Big Impact of Small Data: Problem Solving through Ethnographic Research

Observing real-world use of your product or service can yield surprising insights…just ask Heinz.

The Narrative Audit™: Moving your audience from Interest to Action

Closing the gap between “that sounds nice” and purchases, donations, volunteering.

Are We There Yet? RVs, Underwear, and Other Unusual Signs of Economic Recovery

Beyond GDP, jobs, and the Dow Jones: unusual economic indicators you can use to track recovery from the pandemic.

Losing Ground: Women Lawyers during COVID and Beyond

Many law firms are committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting women lawyers. Yet, the data suggest that there is still much room for improvement.

There’s always a story in the data.

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