• Research Essentials
    Big data

    The Hidden Risks of Big Data

    Big Data is an exciting field that can uncover innovative and useful patterns, but it is not without its dangers. We look at real-world examples of the pitfalls and show where we could all use extra vigilance.

  • Legal
    Blind Justice

    Do Americans Have Confidence in the Courts?

    With declining faith in our institutions, and in the face of increasing political polarization, do Americans still have confidence in their court system?

  • News
    Welcome John Warner

    Our New Strategist Comes Home

    John Warner writes about his career journey and his happy return to the world of market research.

    It’s his story, but – as you’ll see – it’s also our story.

  • News
    Generation Z Protestors

    Is 2020 ready for Gen Z?

    New Willow Poll data offers insights into Generation Z: who they are, what they’re thinking, and how they’re responding to the chaotic world they’re inheriting.

  • Healthcare
    Future of Health Insurance

    Payers Reimagined

    The latest installment in the “Survival of the Fittest” series of white papers from PNC Healthcare and Willow Research. Click to download our findings on health insurers, and how they are reimagining their role within our complex healthcare system.