More than Half the Sky: The Status of Women and Work

Sara Parikh examines the data on women in the workforce (and beyond). What has been achieved in the last 40 years, and where is there still progress to be made?

COVID: Three Steps Back for Women

The COVID pandemic is hitting women harder than men. Longstanding inequities are now not only much more visible, but also intensifying.

Racial Inequality in America: A Look at the Numbers

No matter how you look at the data, Black Americans live in a much more precarious and hostile world than white Americans. Silence is not an option.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Non-Profits

Can non-profits not only survive the coronavirus pandemic, but thrive? The early research shows a sector facing crisis, but also opportunity.

Using Research to Navigate a Crisis

In a crisis, a Flash Study can re-orient you and help you make sound decisions for the next moment and for the future.

How to Get the Most out of Focus Groups

Focus groups are invaluable tools for uncovering great insights, but getting the most out of them isn’t easy. Here’s how the experts approach them.

Don’t Give Up on Print

If you’re thinking of switching your organization’s publications to all-digital, you might want to hit the pause button. Here’s why.

How Good Is Your Database?

Is your enterprise data giving you the answers you need? Here are a few questions that can help you determine what information you’ve actually got and what that data can tell you. 

Why We Still Talk to People

Because a single data point isn’t enough to go on. To get the whole picture, you also have to understand the experiences of individuals.

How to Weather the Storm

Previously we talked about why and how research can keep a good thing going. This time we want to cover how research can be even more valuable in situations when things aren’t looking so rosy.

There’s always a story in the data.

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