Farmers Seek Solutions to Climate Change

Recent research finds that American farmers recognize the urgent threat of climate change and seek solutions to help them adapt.

Do Americans Support Corporate Activism?

Americans support most corporate social initiatives, but there are limits to that support.

How Can Original Research Help You Become a Thought Leader?

Establishing yourself as a thought leader isn’t easy, but it can really help your company stand out from the crowd.

Americans not yet moved by climate change

Despite the rise in devastating wildfires, hurricanes, drought, and other extreme weather events, the US is not yet experiencing a climate migration.

How Happy Are We?

Heading into the holidays, who is and is not so happy, and why does happiness matter?

Before the Midterms

Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on much heading into the midterms. But they do agree that the future of our Democracy is at stake.

Crisis in Confidence: America loses faith in its institutions

Americans are not just losing faith in the Supreme Court. Confidence has dropped in most of our institutions. The one bright spot is an uptick in trust in science.

Enough is enough: Americans wants stricter gun laws

In the wake of Buffalo, Uvalde, and Highland Park, we examine America’s deep frustration with our gun laws.

Emerging Trends in Social Responsibility

In our recent study on behalf of PNC Institutional Asset Management®, we find that corporations and nonprofits are prioritizing environmental sustainability, employee and supplier diversity, and other social responsibility initiatives.

The Disparate Impact of Covid on Small Businesses

While some small businesses are largely back to normal, for others the pandemic is far from over.

There’s always a story in the data.

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