When you need to know if it’s time to change course.

When you need to know if it’s time to change course.


We’d previously completed an in-depth study for a prominent non-profit organization to help them better understand how the community viewed them and their work. 

This prior research paid off when it came time to evaluate the ongoing efficacy of a fundraising campaign that had been going on for better than twenty years and raised significantly more money than originally hoped for.

On the one hand, the campaign was working. On the other, maybe it was time for a new approach. Because of the prior research, this organization knew that they could go to the source—their donors—to help them gauge whether the campaign was still delivering value. Their donors’ investment in the well-being of the organization meant they could trust their input and use their opinions to shape future fundraising plans.

The result? Donors respect and appreciate the past as embodied in the campaign, but also see an opportunity to refresh the approach for the future and to meet the needs of a changing world and changing membership. 

Empowered by connecting with their donors, the organization can now plan their next campaign with confidence.

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