When you need to reinvigorate your membership.

When you need to reinvigorate your membership.

At Willow, we believe our work is best done in collaboration with clients, by starting with understanding their unique problem and then providing research that best meets their needs.

In the case of a prominent legal professional organization that was struggling to maintain membership, we needed to be both researchers and strategic consultants. Current members weren’t renewing, and new prospects weren’t joining. A professional association without members ceases to exist. This was an existential threat.

We started with a review of prior research that informed the issue before moving to focus groups and then a large-scale quantitative survey with both existing and prospective members. Pretty standard stuff.

But in this case, the key to helping the client was a strategic work session, in which Willow’s knowledge of the research intersected with the client’s expertise. 

Working together, and informed by the research, we identified specific and targeted initiatives for new members to be introduced to the organization and to better serve the unmet needs of the current members.

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