When you’re worried your message isn’t getting across.

When you’re worried your message isn’t getting across.


The administrative leaders and teachers at a Jewish day school knew they were doing a good job. They saw it daily in their work with students and interaction with parents, but in a world where education is viewed as more important than ever and operating in an area with quality public schools, they wanted to know more precisely how their school is viewed and valued.

Interviews with feeder pre-school directors and parents of prospective students revealed that the school was hitting the target in terms of what parents were looking for when it comes to their children’s education: strong academics in an atmosphere where students are treated with care and respect. 

The school was reassured that they were not only fulfilling a mission aligned with their values, they now had evidence to show current and prospective parents, and to share in their annual report. 

Knowing they were on the right track, the school could focus on enhancing its success, rather than worrying about threats which weren’t real.

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