When you’ve got a great product, but you’re not sure how to go to market.

When you’ve got a great product, but you’re not sure how to go to market.

A leading golf cart manufacturer knew they had something special on their hands with a suite of new after-market products based on GPS technology. Knowing the precise location of your golf cart relative to the world around you is undoubtedly useful, but to whom? And how much are they willing to pay for it?

This is when you go straight to the source, first doing in-depth phone interviews with current distributors of golf carts to mine their expertise of the marketplace. These expert interviews were then followed by two surveys—one with golfers and the other with golf course owners and managers.

It turned out lots of people in the golf world wanted this product, but for different reasons.  Golfers were interested in features like an animated hole flyover, and readouts on distance to the pin and any hazards between their ball and the hole. 

Courses, on the other hand, wanted to know where their carts were at any given time so they could protect their investment. Geofencing technology makes sure the motor is killed before an expensive piece of equipment is driven off the property or into a pond. 

The research insights drove the creation of different product bundles for golfers and golf courses, with particular emphasis on how to target and hook the early adopters.

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