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The Disparate Impact of Covid on Small Businesses

While some small businesses are largely back to normal, for others the pandemic is far from over.

Variants Dash Hope: Americans Believe COVID Is Here For the Long Haul

The optimism of Summer 2021 was short-lived. As we enter a new year, Americans resign themselves to life in a pandemic.

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The Evolution of a Pandemic: Small Businesses Navigate Shifting Challenges from Covid-19

America’s small businesses are working their way back, but it’s been a difficult journey. Drawing on robust tracking data from the US Census Bureau, we take a look at the journey of America’s small businesses as they have navigated shifting challenges from Covid-19.

COVID Summer 2021: What the Data Tells Us

As we head fully into the summer, what does the data tell us about how consumers are responding to the lingering impact of COVID-19?

Existential Threat: Public Colleges and Universities

COVID has forced public higher ed to a breaking point, but the problems are longstanding and systemic. How can we solve them?

COVID: The Fragile Beauty of Our Small Businesses

Bookstores exemplify the promise and the peril facing small, local businesses during the COVID pandemic.

NFPs, COVID and Beyond: Lessons in Creative Management

Far from hunkering down in the face of multiple crises, many non-profits are responding by thinking bigger.

COVID: Parents and Teachers on Edge as School Starts

We are in the midst of rising infection rates in a majority of states. Is it safe for children to go back to school? Parents and teachers say “no.”

COVID: Gen Z Takes a Hit and Rises Up

Gen Z: passionate activists or careless partiers? A data-based look at this complicated generation.

COVID: Three Steps Back for Women

The COVID pandemic is hitting women harder than men. Longstanding inequities are now not only much more visible, but also intensifying.

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