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The Big Impact of Small Data: Problem Solving through Ethnographic Research

Observing real-world use of your product or service can yield surprising insights…just ask Heinz.

The Narrative Audit™: Moving your audience from Interest to Action

Closing the gap between “that sounds nice” and purchases, donations, volunteering.

How to Get the Most out of Focus Groups

Focus groups are invaluable tools for uncovering great insights, but getting the most out of them isn’t easy. Here’s how the experts approach them.

How Good Is Your Database?

Is your enterprise data giving you the answers you need? Here are a few questions that can help you determine what information you’ve actually got and what that data can tell you. 

How to Weather the Storm

Previously we talked about why and how research can keep a good thing going. This time we want to cover how research can be even more valuable in situations when things aren’t looking so rosy.

How to Understand and Build On Your Success

When things are going well for your organization, how do you keep them heading in the right direction?

The Hidden Risks of Big Data

Big Data is an exciting field that can uncover innovative and useful patterns, but it is not without its dangers. We look at real-world examples of the pitfalls and show where we could all use extra vigilance.

How Can Original Research Help You Become a Thought Leader?

Establishing yourself as a thought leader isn’t easy, but it can really help your company stand out from the crowd.

Why Custom Research?

One afternoon, Willow Research took an hour, sat down on our office couch, and discussed what custom research means to us, how we have seen it used, and what it can do for our clients.

How Do Groups Make Decisions?

What are the dynamics of group decision-making? How does knowing those complications help guide business strategy and sales tactics?

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