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Farmers Seek Solutions to Climate Change

Recent research finds that American farmers recognize the urgent threat of climate change and seek solutions to help them adapt.

Gun Control Supporter Holding Sign

Enough is enough: Americans wants stricter gun laws

In the wake of Buffalo, Uvalde, and Highland Park, we examine America’s deep frustration with our gun laws.

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Feeling the Heat: Businesses and Consumers Move on Climate Change

After decades of mostly talk, recent research finds that businesses and consumers are finally beginning to act on climate change.

Are We There Yet? RVs, Underwear, and Other Unusual Signs of Economic Recovery

Beyond GDP, jobs, and the Dow Jones: unusual economic indicators you can use to track recovery from the pandemic.

Losing Ground: Women Lawyers during COVID and Beyond

Many law firms are committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting women lawyers. Yet, the data suggest that there is still much room for improvement.

Competing Narratives: SCOTUS v. the Court of Public Opinion

The narrative around the Supreme Court has shifted over the last few years. What can we learn from current and historical public opinion data?

Trending Narrative: Hibernesting™

We examine a surging trend in home improvement and predict that hibernesting will continue into the Fall.

More than Half the Sky: The Status of Women and Work

Sara Parikh examines the data on women in the workforce (and beyond). What has been achieved in the last 40 years, and where is there still progress to be made?

Racial Inequality in America: A Look at the Numbers

No matter how you look at the data, Black Americans live in a much more precarious and hostile world than white Americans. Silence is not an option.

Women Are Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship

October is National Women-Owned Small Business Month, which is a good time to reflect on the status of women-owned businesses. While not much has changed in the data since last year, the long-term trends are still astounding, and raise some really big questions.  

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