Survival of the Fittest: Employers Step Up Their Commitment to Healthcare

Nearly 160 million Americans are covered by employer-sponsored healthcare plans, with most employers covering a significant proportion of their employee healthcare premiums. Consequently, rising healthcare costs directly impact our nation’s employers.

In order to understand how employers are responding, Willow Research and PNC Healthcare conducted a large-scale study of senior level executives at U.S. companies that offer healthcare benefits to their employees.

Download our white paper to learn about:

  • The shape of employer-sponsored health plans today
  • The greatest healthcare challenges facing employers
  • What employers are doing to combat rising costs
  • How they are coping with ACA uncertainty
  • Their commitment to offering health benefits to employees (and why it’s so steadfast)

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. And keep an eye out for our white papers on health insurance companies, slated for release shortly.

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